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Marine Surveys

Professional Marine Surveys at your needs

In addition to standard type of surveys, damage/condition/ P&I / class/flag and CCG, Intamico has developed it's own procedures and formats for both Ocean Towage Preparations and Last Voyage of Canadian / American Lakers and International tonnage for Owners and Underwriters interests.

  • Initial Survey with recommendations
  • Progressive follow up with repairs in compliance with recommendation
  • Flag and P&I insurance compliance with PSC and Flag States.
  • Certificate of "Fitness to Tow".
  • Nominated Tug bollard pull and certificates approval / suitability for intended voyage.
  • Towage Manual and specific Voyage Plan approval.
  • Final connected convoy and Towage Certificate.

NB-12 x Max Lakes Bulkers and SUL vessels comprising over 90,000LDT or (420,000 DWT) has arrived safely at Turkish and other destinations under our certification. 2010 to 2015.

Ship survayors
Ship management

Maritime Project Management

Over 20 years of maritme management

Intamico can / will provide "concept to conclusion" marine project management, within the scope of our Americas, Caribbean, and European territoty. YOU CONCEIVE...WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! As examples:

Ship Deliveries, Negotiate clients MOA, provide run crews and/or towage certification :

  • 5/2011 m.v Pampero - Feeder Container - Kingston to Sto Dom DR ( Manned)
  • 9/2012 m.v. Haneburg, - Geared Bulker- Curacao to Boca Chica. DR. (Run Crew)
  • 8/2013 m.v Stacia - Tanker - Panama to Sto Dom DR - Boluda - ( Unmanned)
  • Ship-management: 4/2013 to 9/ 2014 - M V Aivik - 4850DWT Heavy lift RoRO - from Acquisition MOA through 1 years BIMCO Shipman / trading to resale, and delivery.
  • Casualty Response: 12/ 2014 to 5/2015: s s American Fortitude 680ft Laker; Intamico provided Owners / underwriters / USCG / CCG and Seaway Authorities coordination and solutions with management of repairs, provision of run crew in dangerous ice conditions under towage to safe layup Oswego NY


Intamico's expertise is extended to provide technical services to established "Green" ship Recyclers, who are compliant with The Basel Convention / European ship Recycling Regulations, and IMO Conventions. The leading DIDO Group and their related yards within the OECD area of Aliaga, Turkey are such a Group, as evidenced in our management their Canadian "Lakers" acquisitions, last voyage and towage certifications and management. ie 12 vessels 2011-2015.

last voyage management
Ship consulting


You Conceive it, we will Make it Happen.

Intamico Shipping offers engineering services and consulting solutions to the marine industry. Intamico shipping has more than 20 years experience of providing maritime expertise at the same time ensuring that only the best engineering and business ethics are practiced.


Intamico has developed a simple " Ships- end of life analysis format, to guide Owners /Charterers with best economical options on easiest compliance with International IMO Conventions, procedures and practices.

Intamico also provides technical services to Metales Antillanos SA, of Sto. Dom.D R. in their consultations with their Government and International IMO to achieve Green Yard certification of their Ships Recycling facility.

Ship recycling certification