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Algo Cape Eta Beta Halifax

The Algocape last voyage

Eta-Beta in Bahamas, preparing for departure

Canadian ship Halifax

Intamico expertise is extended to provide technical services to “Green” established leading Ship Recyclers compliant with Basel Convention relevant to wastes as well as the European Ship Recycling Regulations and IMO Conventions relevant to safe and environmentally sound ships’ dismantling and recycling, such as the leading Dido Shipping Group and its related yards in the OECD area of Aliaga in Turkey, in managing their Canadian Lakers acquisitions, last voyage and towage certification – 12 vessels- 2011 to 2015.

All following Canadian flag Max Lakers and SUL's all completed Tow Preparation and surveys in Montreal or Toronto prior making - Ocean Voyage from Montreal, Canada, to Aliaga, Turkey by Azores / Gibraltar. All arrived at destination safely. All surveys conducted in accordance with IMO Guidelines for Safe Ocean Towing, MSC/Circ. 884, together with Flag State (Load-line) and PSC compliance- Including blue-card "Bunker Certificate" to 200 mile coastal limit.

Partial list of successful projects achieved

  • 2016 Algomarinesierraleone flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Max Lakes Bulker m.v. "Algomarin" IMO#6816607 / GRT18338 / Length 222m / Breadth 23m / Depth 12m' - Vessel renamed "Mari" Sierra Leone Flag.

    Tug: AHTS Diavlos Pride, IMO# 7914970 / GRT 1474 /Flag: Malta - Bollard Pull 86.3T

  • 2016 Algoma Navigatorsierraleone flag

    Algoma Navigator

    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Max Lakes Bulker m.v. "Algoma Navigator" IMO#6707961 / GRT17044 / Length 222.2m / Breadth 23.11m / Depth 9.38m' - Vessel renamed "Navi"- Sierra Leone flag.

    Tug: AHTS Boulder, IMO# 8516988 / GRT 2311 /Flag: The Netherlands - Bollard Pull 142T

  • 2016 Peter R Crosswellsierraleone flag

    Petrer R. Crosswell

    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Max Lakes Bulker m.v. "Petrer R. Crosswell" IMO#8016641 / GRT19853 / Length 223m / Breadth 23.m / Depth 8.68m' - Vessel renamed "Peter"- Sierra Leone flag.

    Tug: AHTS VB Hispania, IMO# 9476018 / GRT 1374 /Flag: Malta - Bollard Pull 103T

  • 2015 Montrealaiscan flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Max Lakes Bulker m.v. "Algoma Montrealais" IMO#5241142 / GRT17,646.71T / Length 730' / Breadth 75.0' / Depth 39.2' - Vessel renamed "MONT"- St Kitts & Nevis flag.

    Tug: AHTS Diavlos Pride, IMO# 7914970 / GRT 1474 /Flag: Malta - Bollard Pull 86.3T

  • 2014 American Fortitudeusa flag

    American fortitude

    Tow: American flag, Max Lakes Bulker m.v. "American Fortitude" IMO#5105843 / GRT 11422T / Length 690' / Breadth 70.0' / Depth 37.0', Seaway transit in Ice conditions Montreal to Oswego-NY.

    Tug: Jarrett M and Ocean Ross Gaudreault IMO# 5030086/ 9542221

  • 2014 John I can flag

    John 1 vessel

    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag- m.v John: ( renamed - "JO" -St Kitts & Nevis) - Geared Bulk Carrier / IMO#8902486 / GRT24,606 / NRT13,279 / L-176m /B-30.5m/ D-15.94m / LDT abt 8,000T. Salvaged from Grounding with serious shell plate damages i.w.o forward P section. Sold to Turkish recyclers. Engaged competent naval architects to assist in devising safe ballast condition with sufficient longitudinal strength configuration & repairs to allow Atlantic voyage in restricted weather window, on tank tops. {See CoF and Tow Cert + Voyage Manual -Voyage Argentia, Newfoundland to Aliaga, Turkey.}

    Tug: AHTS Diavlos Pride, IMO#7914470 / GRT 1474 / Flag: Malta - Bollard Pull 86.3T

  • 2013 Pamperojamaican flag

    MV pampero

    Jamaica flag, General cargo m.v. "Pampero" IMO#9113628 / GRT 4628T / Length 371.94 / Breadth 16.4m / Manned voyage Kingston Jamaica to Santo Domingo.

  • 2013 Stacia panama flag

    Stacia vessel

    Tow: Panama flag, General cargo m.t. "Stacia" IMO#8517047 / GRT 10985T / Length 152.30m Depth 12.15m / Breadth 22.40m / Last voyage -Panama to Santo Domingo

    Tug: VB Coiba, VB Gamboa, VB Bucanero / IMO #7625665 #8107684

  • 2013 Haneburg antber flag


    Tow: Container ship m.v Haneburg; flag:Antigua and Barbuda / IMO#9156400 / GRT 11422T / Length 690' / Breadth 70.0' / Depth 37.0' / Last voyage Curacao to Santo Domingo

    Tug: Orca iv / GRT 1245t

  • 2013 Algoma Providercan flag

    algoma provaider

    Tow: Ex-Canadian Flag, m.v Algoma Provider, IMO#5407277 /Max Lakes cargo Bulk Carrier/ Length - 217.08m/ Breadth - 22.0m / Depth 10.9m / DWT abt 37,000 MT /LDT abt 8000 T. Vessel survey and compliance with Transport Canada Regs ( See notes below) required re registration to Sierra Leone flag and recognized P&I Club {EoE) additional compliance surveys.

    Tug: VB Artico, IMO#7613914 / GRT974T /NRT /292T / Flag; Panama / Max Bollard Pull 107T

  • 2012 Algo Cape & Gordon C. Leitchcan flag

    algo cape & gordoc c leitch

    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Canadian Max Lakes vessel m.v Algocape / IMO#6703214 / LDT abt 8,000T. Renamed "GOC" registered Sierra Leone.

    Tug: VB Artico, IMO#7613914 GRT974 /NRT292/ Bollard Pull 107Tmax/ Reg- Panama.

    Tow: Canadian Flag Lakes max Bulk carrier m.v. Gordon C Leitch IMO# 6815237 / GRT 19,610T / Length 222.5m/ DWT abt 37,000/ LDT abt 8,000T renamed "Don" Sierra Leone.

    Tug: AHTS Centaurus / IMO# 7613014 / Bollard Pull 104Ts max

  • 2011 Canadian Rangercan flag

    Canadian Ranger

    Tug: Canada flag - m.v. Canadian Ranger /Off # 323030 / SUL Bulk Carrier / DWT abt 37,000T / LDT abt 7,500T.

    Tug: "Pantodynamis" / IMO#7038642 / Bollard Pull 58 T max

  • 2011 Halifaxcan flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Max Lakes bulk carrier " Halifax" / Off #432876 / DWT abt 36,000T / LDT: 10,000 T / GRT 18526.

    Tug: "Sirocco" / IMO #7613002 / Bollard Pull 102 T max

  • 2011 Algo Ontariocan flag

    Algo Ontarion vessel

    Tow: Ex-Canadian Flag, m.v. Algo Ontario Max Lakes Bulk carrier /IMO#372440 / LDT abt 8000T Length 730'/ Breadth 75'/ Depth 40'.

    Tug: Herackles" IMO# 772805 / Bollard Pull 160T max

  • 2011 Saunierecan flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, Bulk Carrier m.v Sauniere,- SUL type / Off # 313963 / DWT abt 38,000T/ LDT abt 7,600T / L - 642' / B- 74'10" / D - 43".

    Tug: "Panormitis" / IMO# 7705788 / Bollard Pull 102T max

  • 2010 Agawa Canyoncan flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian flag, "Canada Max SUL Laker" Agawa Canyon" IMO#702856 GRT16,290

    Tug: "Sirocco" ITC Rotterdam IMO#7613002 / Bollard Pull 102T max

  • 2010 Algoislecan flag


    Tow: Ex-Canadian Flag Max Laker "Algoisle" IMO#5417820 / L-220m/B-22.86m/ D-11.96m

    Tug: "Ionian Pelagos" IMO# 7601567 Bollard Pull 98Tons max

  • 2010 Canadian Prospectorcan flag

    canadian prospector

    Tow: Ex-Canadian Flag, Max Lakes bulker "Canadian Prospector"

    Tug: "Simoon" ITC Rotterdam - Bollard Pull 102 T

  • 2008 Eta-Betabahamas flag

    canadian prospector

    Vessel purchased from Cuba and sold to sub Continent "cash buyers" Last voyage - manned runcrew-Havana to Bahamas for India.


In respect of Canadian Max Lakes vessels, a specific format and checklist has been developed with Transport Canada and CCG that also incorporates compliance with the Basel and Hong Kong Conventions in respect of hazardous and polluting substances. For guidance, a typical Max Lakes "demo" vessel survey /certification will entail surveys and attendance c to the following minimum milestones / reporting to Owners/ underwriters.

  • a) "Tow" - Initial Survey with report and recommendations for Tow, repairs & preparation / longitudinal Strength calculations / trim and stability ( ballast) condition / voyage planning/ Tug & tow connections arrangement /Bollard Pull calculations & contingency planning.
  • b) "Tow" several follow up surveys to verify compliance with repairs & all recommendations.
  • c) "Tow" final survey for Certificate of Fitness to Tow for specific voyage.
  • d) Tug - Full Specification and Bollard Pull rating - review /approval.
  • e) Tug & Tow Connections, Main and Emergency bridles and gear certification approval.
  • f) Towage Manual { Tug Owners / Tugmaster } key document detailing voyage plan with contingency and weather routing with surveyors warranty recommendations and copy all relevant Certificates and contacts / reporting procedures - submission for approval.
  • g) Final Survey of connected Convoy ( escort tug?) and issue "Towage Certificate"