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Intamico Shipping Limited, more then twenty years of "Know how"

Corporately based in Nassau, Bahamas,“Intamico Shipping Limited was established in 1995 as owner and operator of the 8,500 DWT water tanker vessel m.v. Dolphin on long term time charter to the Bahamian government. Amacan Maritime Inc, of Montreal an associated company, was appointed simultaneously to provide the ship management infrastructure needed to support that project’s operations. The technical project activity associated in Nassau was expanded by Intamico into a full third party ship management company operating a five ship third party fleet of international flag managed vessels. Technical consulting in local Bahamian cabotage vessels was concurrently expanded within the caribbean area. Intamico / AMI now provides a wide variety of maritime venture services to the international shipping community at large, and the caribbean area in particular, with a unique application to clients individual needs with the mentality of "sharing risks with our know how".

We have acquired that experience that only comes with full ownership responsibility and operation of tnternational flag tonnage, and third party technical ship management and chartering. This includes financing, special insurance, salvage operations and claim management, with internal development of contingency plans and Intamico has in the most recent few years developed specialist services to it's ships recycling clients in Canada, Turkey and Dominican Republic where those markets have responded to meeting the ever demanding "Green" compliance with IMO conventions regulations, and is positioned to meet any international ship owners in this situation.

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Are to alert owners of vessels approaching their end of life condition, as to the responsibilities and options available to them, not only all the obvious, but all of the more obscure and overlooked details, but essential requirements to be in legal compliance of all IMO & ILO & other conventions regulations .


Intamico, has established concrete affiliation links with specific like minded organizations over twenty year who can be depended upon to support Intamico's overall objectives.

Anthony Airey
Ing.Anthony Airey

Company founder, CEO, Over 35 years in the maritime industry, from seagoing engineer to ship owner /operator/and entrepreneurial project management.

Carlos Laguna
Ing.Carlos Laguna

VP, Over 30 years experience from sea going to Superintendent in Ship management, salvage and ship recycling, towage experience.